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Garfield Ivy Maitland

At age 7, my older cousin and I pushed a fruit cart out to the highway to sell mangos to drivers stopped at red lights. Despite the high humidity and harsh Jamaican sun, our body endured and our mangos made a profit. This was my first experience with business, customer service, and entrepreneurship.

Since that early exposure, business has been second nature to me. Whether it's providing advice to solve a client's needs, or connecting individuals to create 'value in network', your satisfaction is my top concern.

After studying the fintech Blockchain/Bitcoin industry for 3 years, it is apparent these technologies will change the global financial ecosystem. From transferring money faster than an email to digital ledgers that permanently and accurately record activity, the disruption these technologies bring will usher in a new, more efficient ecosystem of commerce. Let me help prepare you for this financial digital revolution.

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